The Army Golfing Society, as the pre-eminent golfing organisation in the Army was responsible for a number of Championships around the world. Where our presence ceased to be, or the Army Golf Association (AGA) became the pre-eminent organisation, so our record keeping stopped. All those Championships are recorded below. The records for the Army Golfing Championships, organised by the Society until the mid – 1980s are now held by the AGA.

The Army in Egypt Championship

The Challenge Cup was presented by the AGS. Played at Cairo Golf Club.

1928Capt HR Hime RASC
1929Lt HS Mitchell Green Howards
1930Maj PED Pank RAMC
1931Lt PD Miller Gren Gds
1932Maj CGS Irvine Kings Own Royal Regt,
1933Lt LC Beadnell Middlesex Regt
1934Lt JE Harrison Gren Gds
1935Lt WA Stevenson Cameron Highlanders
1936Col FG Drayson MC late R Signals
1937Lt WA Stevenson Cameron Highlanders
1938Col FG Drayson MC late R Signals

The Egypt Cup was returned to the AGS and is now played for in the inter corps team competition.

The Army in India Championship

Played in New Delhi in 1930, 1933 and 1936 and in Peshawar in other years.

1929Maj Clowes DSO MC
1930Maj R Macleod DSO MC RA
1931Capt WHH Aitkin RE
1932Maj R Macleod DSO MC RA
1933Capt WHH Aitken RE
1934Maj GEF Shute MC 3/14th Punjab Regt
1935Capt JMD Wood RA
1936Lt AJH Cassels Seaforth Highlanders
1937Maj JS Clegg Indian Army
1938Capt I McLaren RAVC

The BAOR Championship

Matchplay between 16 qualifiers.

1946Maj AA Duncan Welsh Gds
1947Maj MR Gardner RASC
1948Maj MR Gardner RASC
1949Maj MR Gardner RASC
1950Maj SH Scroope RASC
1951Maj HB Davie RASC
1952Capt D McTavish RAOC
1953LCpl GG Walker RMP
1954Sig L Platt R Signals
1955Lt Col WBJ Armstrong RE
19562Lt SJBR Pitamber KRRC
1957Capt DW Nisbet RAMC
19582LT A Ferguson RTR
1959Mr WB Robertson JIB
1960Maj W MacDonald R.Signals
1961Spr AM Brown RE
1962Spr AM Brown RE
1963Lt Col RAK Sangster
1964Gdsm PA Ryan Irish Gds
1965CSMI R Issitt APTC
1966Cpl W Milne R.Sigs
1967Lt IL Pearce R Anglian
1968Cpl W Miln R Signals
1969WOI R Issitt APTC
1970Capt CBQ Wallace RGJ
1971Capt M Keane RE
1972Capt IDH Clarke ALS
1973WO2 A Simpson R Signals
1974Rev FJ Preston RAChD
1975WO2 A Simpson R Signals
1976WO2 A Simpson R Signals
1977Maj IL Pearce ACC
1978LCpl WIM Gray RAOC
1979Cpl WIM Gray RAOC
1980Cpl WIM Gray RAOC
1981Cfn DRG Spiller REME
1982LBdr J Chilvers RA
1983Maj NStJD Ramsden RAOC
1984LCpl DRG Spiller REME
1985Maj IL Pearce ACC

The Farelf Golf Championship

36 holes Scratch Medal

1948Maj AM Bucher RS
1949Lt Col TD Phelan RAMC
1950Maj DAW Lochhead MC Seaforth Highlanders
1951Capt W MacDonald R Signals
1952Capt PJA Smith RA
1953Capt W MacDonald R Signals
1954Capt PH Benson RASC
1955Capt PH Benson RASC
1956Maj AGR Noble MC R Lincolns
1957Maj HGW Shakespear MC Gurkhas
1958Maj GS Balleine R Hampshires
1959Maj JGT Polley RE
1960Lt Col H Stevens RE
1961Brig MFH Kellerher late RAMC
1962Brig TPH McKelvey late RAMC
1963Maj WS Tee 10 GR
1964Col WR Potter
1965Maj JGT Polley RE
1966WOII R Issitt APTC
1967Capt CBQ Wallace RGJ
1968Lt Col PH Benson RCT
1969Lt Col HGW Shakespear MC Gurkhas
1970SSgt WL Poka 1RNZIR
1971SSgt WL Poka 1RNZIR