The Salver was presented to Maj Andrew Turnbull RAPC on his retirement as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer in 1989 and bequeathed to the Society on his death. Awarded for the best net score over two rounds at the Summer Meeting by a serving officer with a handicap of 12 or less.

Year Winner
1997 Col IA Pretsell (Late RADC)
1998 Maj JC Williams R Signals
1999 Not awarded
2000 Col IA Pretsell (Late RADC)
2001 Col IA Pretsell (Late RADC)
2002 Brig SJ Poole (Late RADC)
2003 Maj J Ransom RA
2004 Maj Welbourne RA
2005 Maj P Vernam RLC
2006 Maj P Vernam RLC
2007 Maj P Bosher R Signals
2008 Brig I A Pretsell (Late RADC)
2009 Maj D Deegan R Signals
2010 Capt AK Paterson RLC
2011 Maj IA Riddick RADC
2012 Lt Col TJ Keates R Signals
2013 Maj A Paterson RLC
2014 Capt R Pace R Signals
2015 Maj C Welbourne RA
2016 Maj C Welbourne RA
2017 Maj R Sanders AGC
2018 Maj C Welbourne RA
2019 Maj C Welbourne RA
2020 Not played for (COVID-19)