The obverse of the medal represents the late Lt FG Tait, BW. Amateur Champion, 1896-8, playing a cleek shot. Presented by the Officers of the Black Watch and instituted in 1920. Open to Members of the Society. Best scratch score over 36 holes receives the Gold Medal; the runner-up receives the Silver Medal. First played for at Woking in 1920. From 1921 play was over the courses where the Spring/Summer Meeting took place.

YearGold MedalSilver Medal
1920Lt Col PGM Skene BWLt CGB Stevens MC Rifle Bde
1921Lt Col W Green DSO BWCapt WHB Mirrlees MC RFA
1922Capt AG Barry DSO MC Manchester RegtCapt A Bullock-Webster Indian Army
1923Maj HA Boyd CMG DSO RFACapt RGC Yerburgh Irish Gds
1924Lt CB Ormerod RACapt SK Thorburn MC RA & Maj JS Hughes MC Gren Gds (tied)
1925Capt AG Barry DSO MC R. Tank CorpsCapt AR Smith MC RASC
1926Lt AC Gore Rifle BdeCapt JA Davidson MC Rifle Bde
1927Capt JA Davidson MC Rifle BdeCapt WHH Aitken RE
1928Lt JVC Moberley RELt AC Gore Rifle Bde
1929Capt GNC Martin DSO MC RAMaj SK Thorburn MC RA
1930Capt GA Moxon RACapt AH Hornby MC RA
1931Lt NR Reeves Buffs (tied with)Lt HK Purvis-Russell-Montgomery BW
1932Lt NR Reeves BuffsLt ES Scott Buffs
1933Lt HS Mitchell Green HowardsLt NR Reeves Buffs
1934Capt AC Giles R Warwickshire RegtLt NR Reeves Buffs
1935Lt MR Gardner RASCMaj WHH Aitken RE
1936Lt MR Gardner RASCLt PBM Wallace R.Tank Corps
1937Lt AA Duncan Welsh Gds (tied with)Lt WA Stevenson Cameron Highlanders
1938Lt AA Duncan Welsh GdsLt DA Blair Seaforth Highlanders & Capt NR Reeves Buffs (tied)
1939Lt TFB Law RASCCapt WL Steele Coldstream Gds
1940 45No Competition
1946Maj JS Hamilton-Gibbs RAMCMaj AA Duncan Welsh Gds
1947Maj DA Blair Seaforth HighlandersLt Col PPT McConnell Cheshire Regt
1948Maj AA Duncan Welsh GdsMaj AK Barlow MC Coldstream Gds
1949Maj AK Barlow MC Coldstream GdsMaj AA Duncan Welsh Gds
1950Col WHH Aitken (late RE)Maj C Blair Seaforth Highlanders
1951Maj HBC Davies RASCBrig WHH Aitken (late RE)
1952Lt Col AA Duncan Welsh GdsCapt PH Benson RASC
1953Lt Col KH Stevens MBE RE (tied with)Capt EWI Johnson RAPC
1954Lt Col AA Duncan Welsh GdsMaj KH Stevens MBE RE
1955Brig WHH Aitken (late RE)Lt Col AA Duncan Welsh Gds
1956Lt Col AA Duncan Welsh Gds (tied with)Maj MR Gardner RASC & Lt MJ Collinge RASC
1957Capt T Branton RAMaj PJA Smith RA
1958Capt MJ Collinge RASCLt Col AA Duncan Welsh Gds
1959Maj RF Semple REMaj ET ODwyer RAMC
1960Lt Col EB Luard MC Coldstream GdsMaj J Stothers RAMC
1961Maj Gen GS Cole (late RA)Brig WHH Aitken (late RE)
1962Capt RB Carroll R Sigs (tied with)Maj DW Nisbet RAMC
1963Capt JRL Harman RA (tied with)Maj RB Carroll R Sigs
1964Capt PG Shillington 5 RIDGCapt CSC Reid R Scots
1965Lt JB Winckley R AnglianLt Gen Sir George Cole KCB CBE (Late RA)
1966Brig RE Osbourne Smith (late R Anglian)Maj AC Miller RAMC & Maj JGT Polley RE (tied)
1967Lt IL Pearce R Anglian (tied with)Capt NPC Dobbs RA
1968Capt PG Shillington 5 RIDGLt IL Pearce R Anglian
1969Maj RB Carroll R SigsLt IL Pearce R Anglian
1970Capt CBQ Wallace RGJCapt JN Fleming RA
1971Maj RB Carroll R SigsCapt SDR Brewis Para
1972Capt CBQ Wallace RGJ (tied with)Capt IL Pearce R Anglian
1973Capt CBQ Wallace RGJCapt RMW Drake RAPC & Maj IH McCausland RGJ (tied)
1974Maj JN Fleming RAMaj RB Carroll R Sigs
1975Maj JN Fleming RAMaj RB Carroll R Sigs
1976Lt PB Merry RECapt RMW Drake RAPC & Capt IL Pearce RAnglian (tied)
1977Maj CBQ Wallace RGJMaj RB Carroll R Sigs
1978Maj RMW Drake RAPCCapt PB Merry RE
1979Capt PB Merry REMaj RB Carroll R SIGS, Capt H Meekings R Sigs & Maj CBQ Wallace MBE RGJ (tied)
1980Maj RB Carroll R.SigsMaj JN Fleming RA
1981Brig JMC Thornton OBE MC (late 7GR)Lt Col CBQ Wallace MBE RGJ
1982Maj HAC Meekings R. SigsLt IM Copeland RCT
1983Brig JMC Thornton OBE MC (late 7GR)Lt PJ Hill RAMC
1984Brig JMC Thornton OBE MC (late 7GR)Maj WE Brewin R Sigs
1985Capt RJ Jenkinson REMaj WE Brewin R Sigs
1986Maj N St J Ramsden RAOC (tied with)Maj MK Allen RE
1987Lt Col JN Fleming RACapt NP Carter RGJ
1988Maj FJ Dowling R IrishMaj HA Caulfield RE, Capt D Tuplin RCT & Lt Col JN Fleming RA (tied)
1989Lt Col RMW Drake RAPCMaj R Priestley RAOC
1990Maj HAC Meekings R. SigsMaj MA Morris RAEC
1991Capt M Bryant REMECapt SG Watson R Sigs
1992Lt Col JD Gillam SASCMaj JRL Harman RA
1993Lt Col JN Fleming RAMaj M Davidson BEM Scots Gds
1994Lt Col JN Fleming RAMaj HAC Meekings R Sigs
1995Lt Col JN Fleming RALt Col GE Evans OBE RHG/D
1996Lt Col JCF Hunt RRFCol JGW Davidson (late Queens)
1997Lt Col JN Fleming RA (tied with)Maj B Young R Sigs
1998Capt EJ Sinclaire RLCCol SJ Poole (late RADC)
1999Maj M Everton RLC (tied with)Capt A Dent RE & Maj HAC Meekings R Sigs
2000Maj P Drew-Wilkinson R. ScotsMaj MW Everton RLC
2001Col IA Pretsell (late RADC)Lt Col RJ Jenkinson RE
2002Lt Col JCF Hunt RRF (tied with)Col MJ Hales R Sigs & Maj MW Everton RLC
2003Maj P Bosher R SigsMaj M Ransom RA
2004Capt DHA Rowe RALt Col JN Fleming RA
2005Maj P Vernam RLCCol IA Pretsell (late RADC)
2006Capt AK Paterson RLCMaj P Vernam RLC
2007Maj P Hill RAMCMaj P Vernam RLC
2008Brig IA Pretsell (Late RADC)Capt JDS McCutchan RAMC
2009Capt CR Woolsey AGC(ETS)Maj D Deegan R Sigs
2010Lt Col P Bosher R SigsCapt AK Paterson RLC
2011Brig IA Pretsell (Late RADC)Maj C Welbourne RA
2012Capt R Pace R SigsCapt CR Woolsey AGC(ETS)
2013Maj A Paterson RLCCapt R Pace R Sigs
2014Capt R Pace R Sigs (Tied with)Maj A Paterson RLC
2015Brig IA Pretsell (Late RADC)Capt J Howse RLC
2016Lt Col B Smy REMEMaj M Datoo REME
2017Brig IA I Pretsell (Late RADC)Capt S Watson RSigs
2018Maj. C Welbourne RAMaj M Datoo REME
2019Maj M Datoo REMELt Col B Smy REME
2020Not played for (COVID-19)
2021Maj M Datoo REMEMaj A Mclean RE
2022Maj H Miln RHFMaj G Paton RAOC
2023Lt Col HGC Gabbey RDGMaj M Datoo REME
2024Maj M Datoo REMEMaj A Mclean RE