The British Troops Austria Officers’ Golfing Society Prize

On the closure of HQ British Troops Austria (BTA), the residue of funds from the Officers’ Golfing Society were handed over to the Army Golf Society to be used as a prize each year at the Spring/Summer Meeting. No records are available prior to 1963. This is a Medal Competition off Full Handicap over 36 holes, limited to Members with handicaps of 12 or lower.

Year Winner
1963 Col JH Anderson (late RAMC)
1964 Gdsm PA Ryan Irish Gds
1965 Maj D Montgomery QO Buffs
1966 WO DA Minnihan
1967 Capt NPC Dobbs RA
1968 CSMI BW Edwards APTC
1969 Maj RB Carroll R Sigs
1970 Capt CBQ Wallace RGJ
1971 Maj IH McCausland RGJ
1972 Capt CBQ Wallace RGJ
1973 Maj IH McCausland RGJ
1974 Lt Col IH McCausland RGJ
1975 Cpl CS Carveth R Sigs
1976 Lt Col IH McCausland RGJ
1977 Maj CBQ Wallace RGJ
1978 Maj JW Stephenson RAPC
1979 Capt PB Merry RE
1980 Maj RB Carroll R Signals
1981 Lt Col CBQ Wallace RGJ
1982 LCpl AJ Brownrigg
1983 Brig JMC Thornton (Late 7GR)
1984 Brig JMC Thornton (Late 7GR)
1985 Capt RJ Jenkinson RE
1986 Cpl AJ Brownrigg
1987 Lt Col JN Fleming RA
1988 Maj JRL Harmon RA
1989 Lt Col RMW Drake RAPC
1990 Maj HAC Meekings R Sigs
1991 Lt Col SWG Pettigrew AAC
1992 Maj M Davidson BEM Scots Gds
1993 Maj M Davidson BEM Scots Gds
1994 Maj DKR Clifton-Moore AAC
1995 Maj JRL Harman RA
1996 Col JGW Davidson (late Queen?s)
1997 Maj AJ Kane RLC
1998 Col JGW Davidson (late Queen?s)
1999 Maj JRL Harman RA
2000 Lt Col RJB Williams RE
2001 Maj JW Stephenson RAPC
2002 Capt C Welbourne RA
2003 Maj P Bosher R Sigs
2004 Lt Col JN Fleming RA
2005 Maj JW Stephenson RAPC
2006 Capt F Grey RGJ
2007 Lt Col AJ Singer RAOC
2008 Maj CH Birchall R Sigs
2009 Maj J Ransom RA
2010 Maj C Welbourne RA
2011 Col PH Tomlinson (Late RA)
2012 Col DG Halstead (Late R Sigs)
2013 Capt R Pace R Sigs
2014 Maj A Paterson RLC
2016 Capt DMW Griffiths KOSB
2017 Brig I Pretsell (Late RADC)
2018 Maj C Welbourne RA
2019 Brig S Poole (Late RADC)
2020 Not played for (COVID-19)